LDM Church Reports JULY 2022

                        JULY 2022                                                                       

  Welcome to Last Day Ministries Church Reports..


We aim to bring you up-to-date information regarding all aspects of those Churches under the Ministries Authority, as soon as we can. Please bear with us , however, as some of our Ministers are in very remote areas, without modern means of communication ! Nevertheless, we will report  as often as we can, from Kenya, as well as other countries,e.g. Sierra Leone and India.

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Praise report.

LDM Church Reports...Eldama Ravine...2008
Latest report from this Chuch In Kenya.
Open LDM Church Reports...Eldama Ravine...2008

LDM Church Reports...Bungoma...July 2007
latest Developments in Christian Foundation Church, Bungoma, N.W.Kenya.

LDM Church Reports...Nairobi, Kenya, E.Africa...February, 2007
L.D.M. Nairobi, Kenya, W.Africa, 2007.

LDM Church Reports...Freetown, Sierra Leone...February 2007
Sierra Leone Church Report.

L.D.M.Church Report...Bungoma, Kenya, E.Africa...February 2007.
Christian Foundation Church, Bungoma, Kenya.FEBRUARY 2007.

LDM UK Church Report ...JULY 2022
Vision/Strategy/Goals/Targets/Prayer needs/etc.,of UK Church-'Bethesda Christian Fellowship'.
Open  LDM UK Church Report ...JULY  2022

Newsletter:International News Section
Kenya Church Report...FEBRUARY 2007
Open Newsletter:International News Section